Schwarzwald cake

What a morning yesterday. There is a price war going on, on cakes at the supermarkets, because of Mother’s Day on Sunday! But we needed cakes already. I started the day by going to ICA to buy one of these for T.’s Birthday “party”. They only charged 2 Euros/2.80 Dollars, BUT you were only allowed to buy one! So on to Coop Nära to get three more for 3 Euros/3.92 Dollars. Usually they cost 4.30 Euro/5.47 Dollars. I am glad that I hit a bargain. Usually this is the cake we eat for MY Birthday but because the day in itself was going to be so stressful, we switched cakes for the two days. And to save money, we went for store bought instead of bakery, since they do taste as good, at much less.

The rest of the morning, I spent on the phone. I had to sort out the mess that a lady on Tradera (Swedish ebay) dumped me in. She gave me a weird bank account number that did not work to pay in to, which meant that I had to phone A bank. Problem is, you can’t really phone banks anymore. You can phone your OWN bank’s internet section about problems you have on the internet. BUT you can’t phone others’ banks. They do not have phone numbers listed anymore for individual banks. You are only supposed to speak to support people nowadays. Which is more than annoying. So I was shuffled around and I got more and more angry at the fact, that she would not acknowledge that she had sent me a faulty number. She must have been too tired when she typed the numbers. And that was not all, when I finally got A bank on the line, they told me that she was not the owner of the account. I paid but contacted her and asked what the name business was all about and then she tells me that it belongs to her sister! What a mess!

From this, I moved on to the photo book business. Tons of pages ended up with warning triangles so I had to phone the company and ask what that was all about. Nuisance as well since the background was very noisy, at the company’s end, and I was getting a migraine!

When I had fetched the children, I had to stop by the shopping center. Saturday, we were there searching for bras for “Dollie”. She declared a while ago that 80 A is too small for her. But I never get to take her to an underwear shop. Now I had to guess that she had moved on to 80 B instead. And buy on open buy. Problem was that the selection of bras is appalling. A 14-year-old does not need push up bras or anything else that will draw male attention! But it is a nightmare to find anything that is modest and young girl-like. I did buy her three sports bras a month ago but when she, like all other girls, wear spaghetti tank tops, the bra straps on those, are wider than the tank top’s! She has to wear a blouse over the tank tops at school of course, but here at home… I did end up finding two bras for her Saturday, one black and one in beige and white stripe, which I loved myself! It doesn’t show through and is discrete. I am not sure she saw how practical beige is. And when she heard, they had it in blue and white, she begged for that as well. So we stopped by the shopping center to see if they still had it. What a nightmare! “Kitty” and “Boo” behaved SO badly! They chased each other in the shop. “Boo” ran in to one of their shop windows! And they crawled under all the clothes’ racks, since they sell clothes as well. I had to ball them out every five minutes and tell them that they would not get cake at that rate. I did the mistake of starting to try bras for myself as well, since I then could get 25% off! But to wear 70 A is to ask for trouble. They do not have a whole lot to choose from and often they fit poorly! I got so frustrated with my boys’ behaviour and looking awful in the bras.

T. came home early and I told him to fix dinner, have the children eat, and “Cookie”, Daniel and I, would join them as soon as her dancing was finished and his piano. She could have skipped dancing yes, but it was the last time, which meant that I was allowed to come in and watch her dance! And Daniel has already missed so many lessons thanks to school! When we got home, starving, at 19:00, T. had not fixed dinner at all but had cleaned the living room, which I had asked “Dollie” to do. She had done nothing as usual. So later than late dinner. And I was just so upset with him. That he can’t tell his own daughter, to do what I have told her to do. And that he can’t understand that feeding the boys is more important than a clean living room. He must have ADHD, the way he acts ALL the time. Why do I have to be his mother as well????

Johannes had bicycled out to us after work so it was nice to see him again, even though his hair looks more disgusting than ever. He spent the whole weekend working, in Gothenburg, at a yoga fair! After dinner and cake, we finally sat down as a family and watched this film. It was cute! But I wonder how much the two youngest understood? “Sparky” ran off half way and went to play in “Kitty’s” room. This morning, he and “Boo” came and wanted to see the “funny bird” film though, so maybe they did enjoy it?


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