Photo book-making

I am exhausted! Two whole days now, I have spent on Daniel’s photo book. I asked him if he wanted to scrapbook his photos from the WWI trip or if he wanted to make a photo book instead. We just received an offer of half price off photo books, so he went for that option. I have never ever tried to do this before. And being computer illiterate, I got totally hysterical yesterday, trying to make the program work. T. was of no help at all. He works with computers. Writes manuals and yet, he can not help me with my blog! He can’t even find the like symbol on my blog!!! And this photo book thing was not within his scope. Daniel sat beside me while I was screaming in frustration. Finally, after hours of frustration, I had one page done and boy was it ugly. But at 2:00 in the morning, I had made five pages that I was alright with. Background colour on all of them, frames around the photos, text, and I had even figured out how to cut the photos and how to lighten them up since our camera’s flash doesn’t work (the old one that he brought with him). I was very impressed with myself. Unfortunately, Daniel had abandoned me! He thought one page was enough for one day. I scolded him and said that he will soon forget what every photo is about! 26 pages later, and front and back, I must say that there are a LOT of tomb stones, a lot of green mounds that are old trenches and craters. To tell one from the other is impossible so it is good that we sat down and did this thing NOW. Before he forgets where each photo, like the one above, is from! They do look a lot alike!

I think, all in all, that photo books are an excellent thing. But of course I need to phone them on Monday, asking why there are warning triangles on a lot of pages, saying that I have gone outside the frame, when I used their layouts! And maybe sending the whole thing will also become a difficult task. When I see his book in reality, then I will decide whether to do this for myself, since there is no chance of ever catching up with all my scrapbooking. But I do miss some colours and not all layouts and templates are that funny. I got upset since it would not let me do exactly what I wanted to do. And I who love to write long comments about everything, got frustrated with how little text you are allowed to enter. But all in all, it was a fun thing to help my son with this, and I think he is pleased. Above is my favourite photo of all the ones he took, and also the only colourful one. It’s become the front of the entire book.

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