Skrylle excursion

Today, “Boo” is off on the yearly excursion to Skrylle where they walk and get a badge. I had to drop him at 8:30 there and have to fetch at 14:30. Long day and the rain is pouring down. Two years ago, they phoned us parents after two hours and said they were back at the pre-school since the rain had made all the children cranky and they had been crying in unison till the teacher decided to cancel it all. So, I don’t know what will happen today but I did keep “Sparky” home. I doubt he could have walked as far as they do, and being cold would not have been his favourite thing either. And all the wet with a child that easily get sick…

Yesterday I had dinner and then sat down with a new magazine I just bought. The children were still eating and it felt so nice to get a couple of minutes to myself with the magazine that I have waited for a long time since it is all about D-day. I only got to open it and then my mum phoned and I had to go to the phone. The judge or court did not save any time. They sent my letter to her right away and now she wanted to know if I had started this court case. I just became stunned and silent. So she stood there “hello… are you there”. I am getting so fed up with her and the whole situation. Do I have to stand here and tell her the same thing every time she phones for the next couple of years? I once again had to tell her that SHE is the one that started all this because she refused the trustee. I had to stand and say it over and over and over again, that she needs help and that we all just want the best for her. She said that the trustee does not. I said that “Yes she does! She only took the job because you two were getting along so well. She went to see you lots of times first to see if your personalities matched”. My mum did not believe that at all and said that Hurtig was there last week and took down the sign from the fridge that said “Elisabeth Hurtig is dangerous” and put up one with her address and phone number instead. I got so mad. I told my mum that if I went to visit someone and I saw such a sign about myself on the fridge, I would also have taken it down. They after all had agreed on being friends from now on, so that sign was completely inappropriate and rude! My mum IS inappropriate! And she sat and told me that she does not need any help. And I told her she does. I could not point to specifics but… And then she says “well we haven’t talked for a long time”. What? I told her, we talked last Wednesday but of course she did not remember. At this rate, if she is going to phone about my letter to the court, over and over again, I will have to forbid everyone to answer when they see that number. I don’t want to talk about this over and over and over again. She also dragged up the fact of my box. I want to rip my hair out. I am tempted to write the trustee and just tell her to throw away the entire box. She has started her conversations like this: “I have decided to sell my house and move to Skåne, and I have just emptied the attic. When will you come and get your things…”  for soon a year. She will never sell her house, she will never move anywhere. It does not take a year to throw away things unless one’s brain has just shut down and one does not get anything done. Her plans have not moved forward at all for the last two years! How will I keep my sanity??? I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS!


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