Talking to a stammering Judge

I finally had to bite the sour apple today and call the court in Gothenburg. First of all I had to find out if they has received my e-mail with attachment. And the attachment really having text in it since I have a tendency to send empty e-mails and SMS:s. Then I needed to find out if I still had to send a paper copy. But my biggest question was, does my mother have to receive a copy of my letter, since she might cut all contact with me forever after reading it. I am sure that she will interpret it all the wrong way. The secretary that I spoke to, could not answer the latter question so she transferred me to the Judge. I did only have half an hour till pick up time but since he stammered, the conversation took longer than I had planned.  We discussed my mum and the case. He felt that “she has started all this so now she has to live with the consequences” but I told him that she did not really know what she was doing because she thought she was going to be declared mentally not capable and get a legal guardian. I told him that when she saw the letter head of which office it came from, she panicked and stopped thinking straight. He told me that he does not think I can withdraw my letter according to the law. I told him about my fears, that she will never talk to me again and that I am her only family since my sister lives in Australia. We finally were in agreement that we are both doing everything that we are doing, because we want her best, we want to help her so the letter has to remain in the file. And since she is the defendant in this case, she will get all the information that the prosecution has! I can’t stop it from happening but question is, why should it be stopped. She would not have got to this point had not her doctor decided that she no longer can look after herself entirely. And she does not have enough knowledge about herself anymore to be able to say that she does not need any help. Everybody is in agreement that she needs help. So, I guess I will have to be the disinherited daughter for the rest of her life, if she chooses to cut contact with me because of the letter. At least I tried to help her, now when she no longer has sense to see that she needs it.


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