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After dropping the children off at pre-school I sat down and turned on the TV for background sound and since they forgot to take away TLC, I watched half an episode of “What not to Wear”. It was so sad. A 25-year-old music journalist from Nashville, who just dressed in pyjamas. She went to work in pyjamas! And sweats! She had gained 13 kilos in a year and had scars from breast surgery. And she had no self confidence at all. I guess the reason why I felt it was so sad, was the fact that I feel just like her. Her thoughts on her looks were mine! They did her hair so nice and the make up made her an entire different girl. Don’t think any of that would work on me though. The bad feelings are too deep rooted.

I laughed so much when Clinton and Stacy, on the program, took out all her pyjamas trousers from the clothes rack they all have to hang up their wardrobe on, and Stacy said “These outfits all say ‘I have a cold, I have diarrhea, I am not feeling well…’ ” and then the clothes went in to the bin. They really were right though. If we go out looking like that, we are telling the world that we are not feeling very well.

I was too busy with deleting e-mails and so forth to watch the next program: “Snog Marry or Avoid” which is a British production. It seems like all of Britain have gone mad or the female population has. Fake tan, hair extensions, loose eye lashes and silicone breasts seems to be the norm now. One girl was gluing six eyelashes on top of each other before putting them on. They can’t see how ghastly they look. And then on top of it, they go out on town in just bikinis or corsets and shorts, plus high heels and wonder why they attract the wrong kind of men, or think themselves very popular because men at clubs stare at them. Insane. It always makes me think of what the G.I.’s said about the British girls, when they came to Britain in 1942/1943, that they were so sweet and pretty. Hm! Not nowadays! What’s happened to the world?

While continuing checking e-mails, etc, I had on “Toddlers & Tiaras” in the background. Such things makes me so angry so I should have got the remote control and changed the channel. I watched one program a week ago and have seen commercials, so I know what the program is about. My reflections have so far been: 1) Why is it women that look like a mountain of lard, that enter their daughters in to this? Is it not their dream and they don’t care what the child wants? One dentist made her daughter where fake teeth that hurt the poor child. When she would not do as her mother ordered her, the horrible mother would scream to her 5-year-old, that she is the devil. 2) When social services see programs like that, why do they not go and arrest the parents for child abuse because that is what it is! 3) Why are all the pageants in the southern US states and all the contestants southerners? Are people there living in a vacuum of vanity?

Today I almost threw the TV out when I heard the start of the program. The mother was living in Oklahoma. Their family had a turtle farm which is why I started to listen. Never ever have I heard of raising turtles. But I was horrified to hear that they go to Native American art. Poor things! (I just think of all the funny turtles with parachutes in “Earnest goes to camp!”. A film I have finally been able to purchase again, after the children scratched the old copy up. My younger ones haven’t even got to see it once!) As farmers, one would have thought these people would be down to earth but not so. The mother had this woman walk with her daughter on the podium and that woman said “when she found out she was pregnant with a girl, she sat down right away and looked at pageants available. Had she given birth to a fourth son, she would have had to be put in the insane asylum”.  The mother herself said “”I prayed to God that my daughter would be Miss America and Miss Universe one day!”. The thing was, her 18 month old daughter did not look particularly spectacular! She had contacted Miss Oklahoma 2009, a gorgeous looking woman, to help her shop for a pageant. Miss O came with her own daughter on her arm and she said “I would never ever enter my own children in to pageants. They should get to choose themselves one day”. The mother said that her daughter loves to shop and has excellent taste! Taste? A baby having taste? For mashed bananas yes! Not for dresses and bathing suits! Miss O raised her eyebrows when the mother said that her daughter, SamiJoe, is suntanning so that she will be the first baby to win some sort of supreme title! I wanted to vomit! She is more likely to die of skin cancer before she reaches adolescence and she didn’t even choose it herself. Is this not child abuse?

Luckily, my penfriend in the US, since 17 years, saved me from the horrible program. I was on facebook and a pop up window came up where she wanted to chat! I’ve never done that before. Technology is amazing but also daunting. I really must stop having TLC on in the morning. That last program is so horrible and I do not really understand why it is broadcast. To show the worse mothers in America? That must be it! I guess the children can drag their parents to court when they grow up and use the TV show for evidence? That must be it. I will not accept any other explanation! The program makes me nauseous, furious, and I would like to punch someone or something! Can anyone out there feel different? Babies with make up??? Doing sexy poses! GROSS!!!


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