Nightmare week: Day 5

Last night, Daniel and his classmates got to Antwerpen where they spent the night and this is where they left from this morning, on their long bus journey home. I hope his week has been wonderful and that he will have a safe journey home.

Our day also started early, trying to get two little boys ready for a day at a stable, with food to last them all day. And to get “Dollie” out of bed too this morning to prepare what she wanted to bring to the same excursion, since she did not want what they were having. Through a miracle I think, I even managed to get all of them dropped off at 8:07 and was able to get “Cookie” to the theater on time as well, at 8:30. Traffic was no too bad this morning so remarkably enough, not even “Kitty” was that late for school. I got a couple of hours to myself after that. First I went and sat outside church and read my Highly Sensitive Person-book. So I avoided a hefty parking fee and got to learn a little about myself but not much. Then I went over to the shopping mall to try on trousers. Why is it that I need both sandals and trousers when I can’t really afford it? Last night before the show, I tried on a couple, but got in to such a bad mood, that I walked out of the shop altogether. I hate my body. And having watched Clinton and Stacy on “What Not to Wear” has not helped matters. They have forgot to take away the TLC channel so I can watch that show every day! Unfortunately, the way they recommend women to dress, does not fit my lifestyle and of course, I don’t have all the shops in New York, to go through! They say that one has to try 30 pairs of jeans on, before one finds the one pair that fits one’s body. Well, no shop in Sweden has that many jeans. And this idea of wearing straight legs when one is short, doesn’t work on me! Nor have I liked the way the women have looked on the show in those kind of jeans! They have looked fat and so do I! They say that straight legs take the eye away from the behind. Well, I don’t want my legs to look fat like my behind. Although, today the lady at Flash, which is the only shop in Sweden that tailors to all sorts of women’s figures, asked me what on Earth I meant with big bottom because she said I don’t have one. Well, excuse me but my mum has always said I have a bottom as wide as a barn door so… Today, I tried on about 15 pairs of different trousers but only four different cuts. Boot cut looked awful on me. Like a clown or time glass but from bottom and down. I was not able to find the dark jeans I so much coveted. Instead I went crazy and got a pair of navy blue capri length trousers and a pair of the now very popular frog green ones, also in three quarter leg (like the ones above but with a zipper instead of the buttons, since the buttons wanted to sit in the front on me instead of on the side). They had 25% off this week on all sorts of trousers, capri, shorts. My purse loved that!

I picked up “Cookie” from the theater. That part is over. Hooray! She was even able to have lunch with her class since they were still at their table, when we arrived at school. I drove home a couple of hours and watched “Emmerdale”, and then it was off again to fetch “Cookie” and “Kitty”. She was up a tree and “Kitty” did not want to leave which meant that even though I arrived in plenty of time so that I could have dropped them at home, before running off to the pre-school for “Boo’s” and “Sparky’s” developmental talks, I was forced to bring them with me too, lacking the time suddenly. So, while I was in for those talks, “Dollie” had to keep and eye on the four in the garden. We talked for an hour and I heard screaming. “Sparky” had sat down in the middle of a nettles patch and his hands got badly burned. I am not going in to details about what was said. It was just such a relief when it was over and we could go home and eat dinner. “Sparky” was so exhausted from the long day at the horses, getting burned, that he sat down to eat spaghetti and after one spoon, he looked like a bag of potatoes, deep asleep.

17:20 I headed to the village of Torna-Hällestad to search for this farm where a friend of “Boo’s” was having a Birthday party. Strange day to have it on after the entire pre-school had been to the horses and were exhausted. 19:30 I was back to fetch him and then sat down to wait for Daniel’s SMS that was going to say “I am in Sweden”. Good thing I had T. phone him at 20:30 because he was not able to send any SMS:s. And they had only JUST got off the ferry between Germany and Denmark. At 22:40, I thought I would not be able to keep my eyes open for another second, so I asked T. to phone Daniel again and they had just crossed the Swedish border. So off I went to fetch him in town. I got there at 23:00 and he was waiting for me. He had had a good time but some horror stories cropped up already in the car. He had only spent 25 Euros of the 75 that I sent with him, so he had been very frugal. He warned me that the French are awful and will not speak English so now I feel twice as nervous about the summer. He told me that he had tried to order food at a take away and the young man just shook his head and said he did not understand. So Daniel had grabbed another boy and asked him to translate. He had bought hamburger and chips for 7 Euros there, while his friends had eaten across the street at a fancy pub and paid 19 Euros for the same meal. Daniel had thought a petite portion of chips would be very little so he went for grande. He has a photo of the gigantic pile of chips that he received. It took three papers to hold it together and was handed to him like a baby. That was his dinner that night and lunch for him and another boy the next day. So funny. Our neighbour had played cool all the trip and had avoided Daniel, only walking with the drinkers. They became two groups, the non-drinkers and the drinkers. The latter had gone to strip clubs and were so proud that the girls were going to add them on facebook. Gross! Some had come in at 5:00 in the morning so they had ruined a lot by being late for the bus. Some sites had to be cancelled thanks to their hangovers and tardiness. It made me so angry! Thank heavens the school paid for the trip! All in all I think Daniel enjoyed the historical part of the trip but he said he missed us bad and I honestly think that he had preferred to go there as a family instead. Next year they are off on a WWII trip to Berlin.


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