Nightmare week: Day 4

Daniel’s last day at the trenches. They will have driven around all over Flanders, visiting Passchendale of course but many other sites as well. They will finish the day in Antwerpen were they will stay at a hotel. Last night they slept in France. I am sorry about the post from yesterday being late but after writing it, and pushing the publish button, it ALL disappeared after the “later on”. What a nuisance!

So far today, it’s been alright. Apart from “Cookie” and “Kitty” having a row at the breakfast table, “Kitty” not registering at all when I told him to get a clean T-shirt, but the worse was “Boo” who has no sense of time. He stood in knickers at 8:00, not having had breakfast or anything. He got dressed and fixed his breakfast but when we are two streets away from his siblings’ school, he asks me “where is my sandwhich?”. Turned out that he had forgot it at home so I had to rush home to fetch that before I could drive him and “Sparky” to pre-school. When I fetched the latter an hour and a half ago, “Dollie” tells me that he had been awful. He had been completely wild, scratching someone, pulling hair, hitting, pushing. I had this feeling this morning that I should keep him home today. WHY did I not follow my intuition??? WHY, WHY, WHY?

I’ve been sitting wondering if I should write my sister on Facebook and tell her to read yesterday’s blog? So she knows the latest on mum. At the same time, why should I? It doesn’t seem like she is interested in anything concerning us. I sent her daughters charms for their Thomas Sabo bracelets, for their Birthday, a month ago and I have not heard anything from her. No thanks, no news, no nothing. Perhaps they were lost in the post? I feel so unappreciated right now. That I am just running everybody else’s errands, that I do not have a life myself. Who am I really? “Harry Potter’s Dobby”!

I just tried to do something for myself. Order a pair of sandals that I have been looking at now for over a week. A pair of sandals that I can walk around in without hurting. I’ve kept all my tabs up all week so I easily could look at the sandal all week. And today, when I finally click the buy it button, I get the message that the sandal is now sold out. Why do I always hesitate? I am so angry with myself. For a month now, I have searched for a summer sandal that will be comfortable but not looking like a sport shoe. That is easier said than done! Now I have to go back to the drawing board again. So frustrating!

We met Johannes at the theater and got to see the show “Molly Terror of the Sea”. Pirates! “Cookie” was cute, the music fun, and “Boo” was fascinated, sitting completely still. He even forgot to clap his hands. Afterwards, Johannes wanted to treat his siblings to ice cream. It is so sweet when he wants to do things for them. He doesn’t earn much but still wants to show that he cares. So off we trotted, me and my three children (four missing out on this treat), to the supermarket and even I gave in to the prodding, and got myself an ice cream. I shouldn’t have but when I saw THIS, I just had to party with the others! It was delicious!!! Magnum Chocolate with little cocoa beans in it and a chocolate ripple! Dangerous for the waistline but mmmmm so good for the palate! One more day finished.


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