Nightmare week: Day 2

I woke up this morning wondering if poor Daniel’s rolls would taste all right when being 24 hours old, almost. At least he will not be the only one having breakfast standing by the Autobahn since his teacher told all the students that he would bring his own breakfast as well to save money. Today they are off to the sight above! The battlefield of Waterloo! Guess how much I would have liked to have been there this morning and not here at home where I struggled to get all the children dressed. “Sparky” was walking around in a poopy nappy and noone was willing to change it. Me ironing, “Cookie” searching for misplaced gym clothes and “Dollie” refusing to get out of bed before 7:45, leaving herself only 15 minutes to get ready. We had a great argument about her loosing things all the time. She denying that she does and me pointing out that she forgot her ballet skirt last week so that she screamed for hours Saturday, blaming us all for the skirt not being here, and then when we got to the performance Saturday, her teacher tells her that she had found the skirt last week and put it away. And it was not even “Dollie’s” skirt to loose but belonging to her teacher!

We received our cleaning task for the pre-school garden and it is to clean all drain pipes of leaves. Whoopty Doo! (?) Let’s say, I will send Daniel and T. over there. But that is 4 days away! I managed to finish my book about Eisenhower last night and now I feel all depressed. Such a sad book and how to write a review for it? I’ve started my library book that I have stood in queue for, for months:

T. is just laughing at me for even wanting to read that book! Which is what the book says in the beginning, that people will do or do at you when you are a HSP. In other words, this is a book for ME but I guess I have to read it in secret. I hate to have the time pressure though of having to return it by the 16 May! Must mean that we are many out there, since the queue is so long.

I have felt particularly like an HSP person this afternoon, early evening. “Kitty” has been wailing like a siren the entire time. I’ve had enough. It’s only 19:00 and I feel exhausted and just want to crawl in to bed. One good thing happened today though: “”Dollie” took “Boo” home on the bicycle and that made him happy. Both getting to stay for the afternoon snack but also going in the child seat on the bicycle, was a fun experience for him. And it made my afternoon less stressful even though it was awful having “Sparky” wake up every ten minutes, from his nap, because of coughing. I don’t have time for a sick child on top of everything else. He and “Boo” and “Dollie” of course, since she is doing internship at the pre-school, are off to some stables on Friday, to eat outside, pet horses and so on. I will be waiting for “Cookie” for hours on Friday while she is dancing for the schools. I can’t have a bored baby with me!!!

No, the nice thing that happened was that when we finally came back to the village, after driving all the way from town behind a tank on it’s way to the army base just around the corner, not being able to get around it of course, I went to the post office to fetch a package. I won something wonderful on the Swedish ebay, Saturday. I don’t know what made me go in and look at Thomas Sabo things there, but I found someone selling a Thomas Sabo watch. I fell in love with this watch years ago but knew I would never be able to get one since they cost over 466 dollars/360 Euros. But this girl was selling it after just wearing it a couple of times. I never thought I would win it! But I threw myself in to the bidding, 2 minutes before end time, and I could not believe that I did win it!!! Nor did T. He was in so much shock that it took him an hour to say what I expected him to say or knew he would say: “I will give you that watch for your Birthday since that is what I would have liked to have given you if I had had the imagination to go look for something like that!”. I won it for 85 dollars/65 Euro. I am still in shock and I must say that I feel very sorry for the person that bought it for this girl. There he/she spent a fortune and she turns around and auction it off! But I am happy and TODAY already, it arrived. I looked at it quickly but did not allow myself to try it on since it is supposed to be my Birthday present! It is so gorgeous though since you can hang charms on it if you like and all in silver so my poor skin should not react. For once, I long for my Birthday. T. needs to get a battery for it though. I wonder if he at least can do that? So that I can wear it on my Birthday??? I hate to go and do that as well. What’s the point in getting presents if you have to organize it all on your own. SAD!


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