Nightmare week: Day 1

I woke up in the wee hours and wondered how on Earth I will be able to cope this week. I wish it was late Friday evening and it was just over. I could not fall back asleep, trying to mentally figure out how to solve all the practical problems of this week. It just gave me a head ache and for the most part I just have to take each day by it’s own, otherwise it feels too overwhelming. Daniel came down early, even though he had a sleep in morning, and thank heavens helped me get his siblings ready. Problem one being that “Dollie” is doing a week of internship at the pre-school which means that “Cookie” and “Kitty” have to be driven to school. “Cookie” can’t be responsible for “Kitty” on the bus, since he is unpredictable with his ADHD and could loose his temper and get them thrown off the bus. She always rubs him the wrong way, most of the time, and often on purpose! So, instead of sending them off to school at 7:30 and then preparing the little ones, all of us have to be ready to go, at the latest at 8:00.

I got them to school at 8:29. YES! One minute to spare! But “Boo” had decided not to wake early for once, so he had to sit and eat his breakfast in the car and his salami sandwich did nothing for my head ache. I had to control my dry heaving! On the way back I almost crashed the car, coming in to a big round-about, when this stupid woman decides that she has the ride away, eventhough I am ALREADY in the round-about. I couldn’t resist throwing myself on the horn since I had to hold up the entire morning rush by coming to a complete stop in the round-about, when I was ready to exit it! So unnecessary. How many minutes did she gain by that? After dropping the boys, I headed for the supermarket to get 6 rolls for Daniel, which is what he had begged for. I also bought him cinnamon rolls and cardamum cookies as a surprise, and also pizza flavoured rice cakes, in case he gets hungry in Belgium and can’t find something cheap to eat. There were no apples for the children to take to school, for the fruit snack, so I had to send a carrot with them!!! Of course I forgot to by apples at the supermarket. The old half blind man that always sit at the entrance, since he wants company during the day, looked at me like I was mad, since I kept going in again and again to the supermarket for things that I had forgot to buy. Poor baby had to have cheerios for breakfast since there was no porridge powder either!

I was good when I got home and wrote the head of the pre-school’s garden group, asking what task they had saved for us to do Sunday, since we were in church when they did the work. He didn’t have a clue which means that he can not have been there either and they make such a fuss when we keep the Sabbath Day holy and don’t come! Then I phoned the bank to find out why they have not sent me a new card with my new name on it. “Dollie” has not bothered putting back the phone in it’s re-charger so it’s dead and we have no idea where she has put it. So no stationary cordless one! Meaning, I had to phone the bank on my mobile phone. I had to be in a long queue and somehow I managed to give my number and code and everything, on my touch phone, which was a miracle. BUT the argument that then succeeded was so unpleasant that I wish I had not been successful to log in. Last time I needed a new card, was a year and a half ago, when it had been de-magneticed. They charged me 22 Euros/30 dollars for a new card! Eventhough, I a month earlier, had been charged the yearly fee of 45 dollars/32 Euros. I asked if they were going to have me pay again for a new card because then I was not interested in their bank anymore. She refused to admit that they had charged me. Then she said it must have been some in between payment of some kind??? And then she said that I was charged because I have two cards. I lost my temper and asked her what on Earth she meant by that. Who keeps a useless card? I told her that I of course cut up the old card when I got the new and who would not. She started to say that how do they know that? I got angrier and angrier since noone told me that I had to block the one card when I got the new one. Finally she re-imbursed me the sum and I will get a new card with my new name on it. I phoned the other bank, where we have our holiday money, and first I was in queue for 10 minutes and then I finally get to talk to a person that says that I have not entered my personnumber. I told her that I had, but she transferred me to do it again, and their bank did not accept mobile touchphone. So I was thrown out and no cordless phone to make the phone call with. I had to go and get “Sparky” by now so I gave up on the bank situation.

I get to “Sparky” and little Oscar comes out and tells me “He has hit me!”. I just looked at him and felt “I can’t handle anymore today, leave me alone child”. So I told him, “bring it up with the teacher, it’s her job, not mine”. Then twins Arvid and Malte come and tell me in unison that my son has hit Oscar. They tell me he is sitting on a chair. Well, thanks, then it obviously has been dealt with so leave me alone. Finally my son comes out and the teacher has him go up to Oscar and tell him that he is sorry. He does and strokes Oscar’s hair but Oscar is not going to forgive him! She changes “Sparky’s” nappy while I ask my daughter where the telephone is. No answer! And then I ask the teacher, what garden work we are supposed to do, since we didn’t do our share Sunday. She tells me to get in touch with this mother that hates me because she hated “Kitty’s” behaviour! So I ask for an e-mail address because no way will I phone that woman that always look like she is going to murder me. The teacher gives it to me and tells me what happened to Oscar and I told her that he and the twins had tattletaled and what I had answered. She got angry with me and told me that they are so young and to them, it was a big deal. Well, thank you! But I have seven children that does nothing but tattletale from morning till evening. Is it strange that I feel weary of that behaviour? And those boys speak soooooo well and “Sparky” is like a baby with no language, so I tend to forget that they might be his age! I am having an awful day and she gets angry at me for not behaving like Christ. Well, I am sorry, but I am so sick and tired of everyone criticizing me. I am not perfect. I can’t handle everything with a smile. And you know, I choose my battles. I can’t have a coronary every time a child hits another child because it happens on a daily basis. I get bad reports on “Kitty” every day, and one person can only handle so much negative information before it just starts meaning nothing. I am not going to blow my handle because “Sparky” hits another boy. I am not happy about his actions but I just figure that the next time, it is someone hitting him!

The rest of the day he kept coming up to me with a serious face saying “Dumb … hit Oscar”. I felt bad! And at 14:15 I fetch a sad “Boo” sitting all alone inside the door at pre-school, with blue plastic covers over his shoes, waiting for me. He was crying since he could have stayed for his beloved afternoon snack, had I just thought about it earlier. “Dollie” being there and bicycling home, could have taken him home on the bicycle, had the child seat been on it! So something to do for tomorrow! Off I went to town with a mental to-do list for when I got home again with all the children. Daniel came home in time for dinner and was so excited about everything that I had bought as surprises and for the rolls. We checked through his packing and when T. came home, we spent some time talking Daniel and I, me giving last minute warnings and so on. At 19:45 I drove him to Lund to meet his teacher and classmates. He wanted to take the bus since his father never gets him to things on time but I told him that his control freak of mother, would take him instead and I am NEVER late for anything if I don’t have to have his father along. We were 25 minutes early so I told him last minute instructions how to keep passport and money safe and what to do when the flash on the camera doesn’t work. He was so excited and I was so nervous for his sake.

We found the bus and I told him to choose a good seat for himself since all his classmates were standing far off, not understanding that they were in the wrong spot. I am so worried for him. All the others in the class, except one boy, are planning on going out in Brussels to get drunk. It’s not legal to drink here until you are 20 but in Belgium anything goes. One boy had even printed out a map with all strip joints in Brussels. I am so disgusted and I hope that at least in that case, someone with sense, will not let a 16-year-old enter. Daniel is so different from all the others so I hope he will not be lonely. That this other boy will stick to Daniel because they are not allowed to walk out on their own, but must be at least in pairs. He sat down in the back of the bus with his rug-sack full of his breakfast rolls and soft cheese, water, his apples, but also the snacks for the trip like the cinnamon rolls and cookies (and candy, that his father bought him). “Dollie” loaned him her “Hunger Games” book. They have a long night on the bus in front of them. May he have a fun time. May he not loose the money. May he not spend them all!!! But most of all, may he be safe! Scary him going on a bus, after the accident in Switzerland where a bus full of students from Belgium died!


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