Serial killer Magpie!

We just got home and all the children were excited to go out and see the baby blackbirds. I am glad that I went out there first! They are all GONE! And someone had tassled up the entire nest. It must have been the magpie that came back to finish the job it started yesterday. How very, very sad! The children are so terribly disappointed. “Kitty” just came in and told me that he has put flowers in the nest. He knows how to do it now after going to the cemetery for a year, to put flowers on Serena Rose’s grave.  I wish I could have protected the cute little bird babies! Now I feel all down. “Cookie” wondered if they perhaps had just learned how to fly and have left but how plausible is that when they had not yet opened there eyes last night, and only one had started to get a few feathers? Nature is cruel!


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