Just Clothes!!!

First of May. Oh how sweet to not have to get out of bed this morning. For the first time this year, we could sleep with the window open, and still it was hot when the morning sun warmed up that part of the house. Of course “Boo” got up early and turned on his loud volume to get us out of bed, but I completely ignored it. And then “Sparky” came and giggled, followed by a jump in to the bed. But he soon vanished too. After a while though, I felt like it was time to get up no matter how nice it was not to.

I decided to attack my boxes in the bedroom. All winter, I have been living out of boxes BUT now it is getting warmer and I have not had a clue where lighter coloured jeans and short sleeved tops have been located. So, time to dig in the boxes and try to sort them in a better order than T. did, when he brought in this box system for me in the bedroom, making it look like I am moving. I have dreaded this task and it did not get funnier by the hour. My mind was made up. Things would have to go no matter what. I can not save everything. In the beginning it was easy to put things in a donation bag, since the jeans stemmed back from my US days. Perhaps time to part with them then??? But then I moved on to my favourite brand: Flash! Everything in size Medium or 38, was carried up to “Dollie” since I was wrong when I thought, that was my size. How could I get it in to my head that I was bigger than I am? She gladly took some things but just turned her head at some things. What is it with teenage girls? Why does it have to look like they have been poured in to their outfits? Alright! I guess I can admit that it is not funny to wear things from 1992 but…

The worse was to go through my size small and 36 clothes. I can’t possibly wear them all. Every year I find new, cute things. But I don’t get rid of the old. Some things I discovered, I have not worn for years and yet, I could not part with them. Suddenly they looked so nice again! I stood and looked at my favourite leggings that I have had since 1992. I wanted to throw them away because of their age but “Dollie” said that I should keep them since I love them. When I saw a big hole in the crotch I felt disgusted with myself for even thinking the thought of perhaps keeping them. An old Laura Ashley dress will have to be altered because I can’t part with it, but I really do not want to wear a dress that go all the way down to the floor, anymore. Stacy and Clinton in “What not to Wear”, tell the women over and over again, that if you are short you should not wear long dresses and skirts, because then you look even shorter. I also found jeans that I have meant to sew up for years. They (Stacy and Clinton) say that one is too old to fold up jeans when one has passed 20. Well, if one is not a friend with one’s sewing machine, but an alien to it, that is easier said than done. But I guess I CAN sew straight stitch on it at least!!! No, this day have been far too emotional. How can one get so silly and sentimental about clothes? They are after all JUST clothes, something to cover one’s body with!


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