May flowers

For a week now, one has had to dodge the May flower selling children outside supermarkets! Last Monday, they were just incredible here in the village. I guess they had just received them to sell, from school, and ten or 15 of them stood outside the entrance, saying almost in unison: “Want to buy a May flower?”. IF one had wanted to, which one of the ten-15 would one have chosen to buy from? I asked “Cookie” if her class is not selling, and she didn’t think so. But she added, that she ought to have had the chance and that she should have brought “Sparky” in that case,since noone can resist him. She said “I could have taught him to say ‘Majblomma’!”. She went on to tell me again, why they were so successful on Easter Thursday. Something I meant to blog about but never got around to.

In Sweden, when I grew up, we all sat and coloured Easter letters, as they were called, and then there was a special way that one folded the letters. We then, on Easter Thursday, dressed up as cute witches and went and handed out the letters to our friends. When I moved back to Sweden, traditions had changed a lot. For one, most children painted their own Easter letters, instead of buying the pre-printed ones from the shops, with chickens, hens and eggs. They would still dress up as witches on the Easter Thursday, but they had the audacity to ring everyone’s door bells and then ask the person if she/he wanted to BUY an Easter letter. Charging everything between 1 dollar to 1.50/50 cents to 1 euro+. Incredible, and having parents standing behind them, supporting the idea. Our first year here, T. bought one since he thought it was tradition and I had to educate him in how awfully rude this new tradition was. When my children grew up enough to get involved with this tradition, I started to buy the pre-printed letters, photo copy them, and then I told them, “Don’t you dare charge money for them! You go and wish people Happy Easter and give everybody a letter, who opens the door, and if they give you candy, fine, if they don’t, you just walk away without complaints!”. A new tradition had started see, children walking around as witches and wishing Happy Easter and receiving candy from everyone, just like at Halloween! Last year, little “Cookie” sat and made lots of paintings all by herself. And she did this year too. 80 or something like that.

In the afternoon, she dressed herself up, and “Boo” and “Sparky”. “Dollie” walked with them to make sure they were safe. They put “Sparky” in the pram since his little legs get tired or he runs off. He became the charmer that got them tons and tons of candy though. HE who has delayed speech and do not talk very much, suddenly had a lot to say after just a couple of doors!!! “Cookie” came home and told me what he had done: “We would ring the doorbell and as soon as they opened he would say ‘Hello! My name is … and I am the little brother!”. When people said “oh how cute!” and gave them candy, he continued “Happy Easter”. It sounded like that gave them even more candy. One old lady wants them to sing every year and I guess he had started to sing “twinkle twinkle little star” which will bring tears to anyone’s eyes!

I am sure that this 3-year-old Rafaël-looking angel would have had all of “Cookies” May flowers sold in minutes, had she been given any to sell.


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