We are suffering from post-TV-depression I think. The free channels we’ve had 6-20 April are now gone and there is absolutely nothing at all to watch on TV. I guess I will get lots read again? I did love the WWII documentaries on channel 10 but the channel TLC was the one I actually watched mostly during the two weeks. “Cookie” and I quickly got addicted to the cake programs. One especially had us all in ohs and ahs. They make the most gorgeous cakes and the shop is called the funny name of choccywoccydoodah. Situated in Brighton, I never saw it on my last visit there in 1998. Perhaps it had not opened then? It was a gloomy day, lots of rain, and we went to the Pavilion and a Sea Museum, but then we couldn’t come up with more things to do and felt the day had been utterly wasted. Had we been able to go in to this shop, I am sure it would have been much more worth the long trip down there from London. “Dollie” just saw this picture (hope I was allowed to download it?) and said “hm, I want that cake for my Birthday okey!”. I told her that there was not even a price on it. “Cookie” had me enter a competition to win a trip to the chocolaterie!!!Not that I think I will win, but at least I can say that I entered it on her behalf! Think if one won though? To get to go and see masterpieces like this one? I mean, they are real art work and I can’t understand how anyone can really think of putting a knife in to something so beautiful? It would feel so depressing to see it all ruined!

Another program I quite enjoyed on TLC was one called “What not to wear”. First I wasn’t interested in watching it at all but then I happened to get in to the middle of one episode and I just had to see what happened. People write in and tell the program leaders, “can you please help my mum/sister/wife/friend learn how to dress?”. The one person dressed worse than the next. Not only dressed poorly but hair and everything else was awful as well. One woman was a lesbian and she thought she would not look lesbian if she dressed in a dress. So she just wore cargo trousers and golfing shorts and a hairdo that looked like the 1980s hockey-hairdo (as they call it here in Sweden) but without the perm. They taught her to put some feminine touches in to her wardrobe , still let her have some trousers but of another cut, they coloured her hair and cut it really nice and taught her to apply a little bit of make up. Another girl just wanted to wear middle ages clothes and show off her gigantic breasts in low cut things, plus be a blonde. Her hair was mouse coloured blonde so it looked awful or rather made her look terribly plain. And her breasts really needed to be toned down so it wasn’t all that one saw! They coloured her hair red and she looked great but she cried her eyes out. They go back months later to see if the person has gone back to it’s old self, and I was surprised because none of the people that had received help, had fallen back to old habits! They were given 5000 dollars to get an entire new wardrobe and all their old clothes were thrown away, so I guess it was somewhat difficult to go back to old habits. It was a fun program to watch though since some of the things really made a lot of sense. One woman wanted to hide a tummy and who doesn’t after seven children? But they told her that one doesn’t have to wear a tent, just because one doesn’t have a flat tummy! That short people should wear trousers with a high waist. I guess it is all very vain in one way, on the other hand, who doesn’t want to look their best? And it does matter what impression one makes on people around us! Often we only meet another person fleetingly, for a couple of minutes. They will look at you and determine who you are! They will make a judgement basing it on how you dress, and how you look after yourself and your looks! That is just how it is! Job coaches for example tell people to not wear black to a job interview.  Noone wants to employ a gloomy person! I am trying to tell Johannes that over and over. He doesn’t want to cut his hair anymore so it looks flat, greasy and just plain uncared for. He does wash it, but it doesn’t show. And now he is not shaving either, so he has red beard growth to his dark blonde hair! Not very attractive and when in Church, I do feel like he stands out as a rebel. No, religion does not sit in the hair and beard, but men in our church are always clean cut and look very wholesome, so he is not really looking the part anymore. I feel sad about it, but he is old enough to know better. Daniel tells him every time he sees him, “Get a hair cut! You look awful!”. But he will only listen to himself! Till a girl perhaps tells him “you look so gross!”. Maybe then he will listen????

Anyway, it’s been fun to watch murder mysteries, cake and candy programs, styling programs and documentaries, but I guess it is back to the usual grind now. Who has time to sit in front of the TV anyway? The next month and a half will be very hectic. The last weeks of the school year always are!


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