Princess Cake

“Boo” loves cake! I have never known such a young child, to love cake so much. At least in this country, children do not come to like cake, until they have been in school for a couple of years. When you serve cake to them at Birthday parties, you have to throw the pieces away, because the children just don’t eat them, since they do not like them. It’s too rich of a taste I think. That is why I always serve home made ice cream cake at all parties, which ALL children love. But “Boo” has always been different when it comes to everything. He has LOVED cake since he was a baby. It completely baffled me, the first time he sat with gaping mouth, begging for it, and NOT spitting it out after it was put in his mouth, but him swallowing it instead and then opening his mouth again like a little bird. He talks every day, about what cake he wants for his Birthday (family party) and I must say that it is tedious at times, since he starts almost the day after his Birthday, and then talks of it for the next 365 days! His very favourite cake is Princess cake.

So when I went in on Swedish ebay, or Tradera as it is called, and saw this T-shirt, I knew it had “Boo’s” name on it! The brand is meandi, and even the used clothes, fetch a large sum, depressingly enough! I placed a bid on it but had no real hope of winning it, so I didn’t dare to tell him that he might get this T-shirt. But then on Sunday evening, it stood clear that I had won, so I called on him and said “look what I have bought for you!”. His smile was radiant and he said, “I want to wear it tomorrow!” I had to make him disappointed by saying that first the person has to send it home to us. “Then I will wear it as soon as it comes!” was his answer. Yesterday afternoon it arrived and he was so excited he had to try it on right away. He then took it off to study all the lovely Princess cakes, strawberries and cupcakes! This morning, it was very chilly outside, so I asked if he really wanted to wear it. He showed me that he had a cardigan in his rugsack, to put on when they go outside and if he gets cold inside. So on it went and he told me “I am going to have a Princess cake for my Birthday! A green one! I love that cake!”. I smiled and said “I know!”. Off he went to pre-school in his new beloved T-shirt and he proudly asked for everybody’s attention when he got there, so he could show it. He was beaming with pride. The miracle is that I managed to win it for only 6 dollars/5 Euros. Some of these T-shirts by meandi go for more than 22 dollars/17 Euros! I lost out on one that cost almost 30 dollars/more than 20 Euros used! Absolutely insane!!!


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