Scheduling problems!

I have just finished a long letter to the head master at my children’s school. “Boo” will start in a zero-class there this autumn. But since he has such bad speech problems and delayed speech, a lot will be required from the school. The pre-school has been working hard with him this year. The special education teacher only goes to there  once every three weeks which in a way is useless. More time ought to have been given to him. But in these days, when all countries are in deep financial crises, the cut backs hurt the children the most. Every two months, I have taken him to the speech therapist, for a year now,  that runs his tests and then points out everything “Boo” does wrong. Every two months, the pre-school teacher or the special ed teacher or both, have then joined us all, to get the results and get tips on how to help him. They have created games and all sorts of things. But progress is all the same, very slow. Maybe because the special ed teacher comes so seldom and maybe because Montessori after all, is all about the child learning on it’s own.

Soon it’s time for the pre-school to hand over the job to the school and they want a hand over meeting. The speech therapist told us during the Easter week that he has quit his job, so another speech therapist will take over. Great! Why didn’t he say that sooner, so they new one could have tested “Boo” instead? He also said he wanted “Boo” to be tested again at the end of May. And that pre-school teacher, special ed teachers from both schools, and the school teacher he will have this autumn, ought to be there and that could be the hand over meeting as well.

The new speech therapist phoned me Friday and said she has no intention what so ever, to test “Boo” before October/November! But sure, we can all meet as long as “Boo” is not coming along. I told her it must be before 1st June because after that I have no babysitting for him! Yesterday, the appointment time came. 13th June! I have no babysitting for him then. And if she is not going to test him, why should the pre-school people come at all? They heard everything from Jonas and do not need to hear this Agneta sit and read Jonas’ notes loud! The pre-school wanted a separate hand over meeting anyway and to make the school people take off two times… Well, let’s say, I do not think THAT will happen. I phoned the speech therapist and got to talk to the secretary, that can not do anything before she has discussed it, with this Agneta. I have a bad stomach ache now. To try to get five people’s schedules to fit, is a nightmare and why, exactly WHY, has that job fallen on my shoulders?

So, I wrote a lengthy letter to the head master, to find out what they feel willing to take part in. I guess I should have phoned him but my telephone phobia got the better of me! Some time during the day, the secretary of the speech therapist will phone. Long sigh!!!! “Scotty” beam me up please!



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  1. Sometimes it just feels like life is just up hill! Sometimes I look at other parents and think “what does it feel like to just send your children off to school, not having to worry about a thing? How does it feel when one can just do what one wants, because the children go to school, come home and do their homework, and you just live a normal life?”. Some days I really feel that I am in for much more than I ever bargained for. I think back on my own growing up years. I was bullied yes, but did not bother telling my mother because her only response was, “get yourself a self confidence and get yourself a pair of elbows, and you will have no problems!”. I went everywhere I needed to go, on my bicycle. My mother would not have dreamed of taking me anywhere. No matter if we were talking about going to the dentist or going to a dance class. I got myself up in the morning, made my own breakfast, headed off to school without any kind of reminding or prompting and when I got home, I sat down and did my homework on my own accord. She never had to say a thing. She never really had to get involved with anything except cook my food and wash my clothes/iron them.
    I am not saying that I want that sort of relationship with my children. And we live in the country side so we have to drive the children all over. But two children with learning disabilities, one with ADHD, two with delayed speech problems and one of those with kidney problems. Well, some days I just want to say like “Scar” in the “Lion King”: “LIFE’S NOT FAIR!”

  2. W.C. K.

    I understand your frustrations. I went thru similar things with the school districts about D. up until he graduated. There were so many instances where they were to provide services such as audio books and none came thru so I would plow thru multiple library online catalogs to get him the books he needed by inter library loan. But occasionally there were shining examples that do honestly want to help. D’s high school teacher consultant for 9,10, and 11th grades was excellent then she retired and his last grade one was impossible.. sigh. but the college has been great about approving his high school accommodations.. but i find he rarely asks for the things are looking up 🙂 So keep plugging away you are your child’s best advocate!!]