“SpongeBob Squarepants”

For a couple of years now, I have heard about this character. Mostly it is “Kitty” that mentions that he loves him and whenever we have seen a T-shirt with him, “Kitty” has begged for one. One and a half year ago, I was alone at Sjöbo Fair, and saw  two T-shirts with SpongeBob and bought them for him. “Boo” had a cow and a fit, because I had not bought for him as well. I just stared at him and said “but you don’t even know who he is!”. He said that he does know who he is and loves him too. I have NO idea where they have seen this character on TV???? Something I have entirely missed. To me, he has just looked like an insane thing.

Ten days ago, all TV-channels unlocked themselves for everybody to watch, till the 20th April. Then they will lock again and you have to pay. Today, we watched Nickelodeon for free, “Boo” and “Sparky” and me, before heading for pre-school. Well, I was getting dressed and they were fighting in another room, but had the TV on where I was. And on comes “SpongeBob” with previously not seen episodes. As the commercial said. I decided that I would watch an episode even if it would make us late. Time to get acquainted with him! “Boo” came running when he heard what I was watching and said “Wow, SpongeBob in episodes never seen!”. I laughed and realized that he had seen the commercials since the 6th, when the channel was unlocked. What do I think about the program. No comment! Although, I must say that I DO FULLY UNDERSTAND why “Kitty” loves him so much. “SpongeBob” IS my son “Kitty”. I must say that I understand the charm of the program. There is no harm in “SpongeBob”. They could watch worse things. At least the character has a big heart, is a happy character, and is not mean at all! I’ve had to forbid the boys to watch the Disney channel, since all they show every time I get out to the TV, are teenage programs with cheeky teenagers. I am not sure if teenagers bother about these programs but I do not think it appropriate for a 3, a 5 and an 8 year old, to sit and watch what high school students are up to. It’s not their world at all! Nor do I want them introduced to it! I who thought Disney channel was Mickey Mouse and such. How clueless am I???

Just a little side note. “Boo” said something else very funny about the program: “SpongeBob looks like a cheese!” I did not tell him that before I knew the name of the character, that is exactly what I thought that he was! I think I will keep that fact to myself or I will be the laughing stock of the family…


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