“I’m going to eat my socks!”

Every single day last week, when I went to fetch “Kitty” from after-school-care, I found him running around on the lawn or climbing a tree, in just his socks. Right, of course he was wearing clothes, BUT no boots or shoes, like all the other children. Socks do not come cheap and money do not grow on trees. Why can’t the “teacher” in charge tell him to put his boots back on? I got angrier and angrier by the day. It’s March, it’s muddy on the ground, it’s cold on the ground even if temperatures are getting warmer in the air, why can’t he have some sense? Please! I had to severely scold him every single day about it. Point at all the other children who don’t throw off their shoes/boots. He promised every day to stop using his socks as shoes. And yet, my words just went in one ear and out the other.

Yesterday, when I got there, once again he was running around like a maniac without boots on. I had had enough. This time I balled him out badly! And I told him that from now on, he will not receive any Saturday candy like his siblings. When they get their bowls with candy, he will have a pair of socks in his! The money I would have used on candy, will go to new socks. I once again explained that socks are just thread woven together and are not made for rough ground. To make an even heavier point, I told him that socks cost more than candy, SO I will contact the Easter Bunny and tell him that “Kitty” must only get socks in his Easter Egg. A mighty yelp and scream was heard from the back of the car! He declared: “Then I will eat the socks!”.

I guess, “Boo” thought a lot about this over the next hours because today when we arrived at pre-school, he walked in and when greeted by his teacher at the door, he said “Kitty” will get not get candy in his Easter Egg but socks!”. “Oh”, says his teacher. “He is going to eat his socks but one can not eat socks, can one? I will vomit if I do that! One can not chew them!”. I would have preferred if “Boo” had not shared everything like that but after I explained what it was all about, the teacher agreed with me. When I later on today, met “Kitty’s” teacher, she started to tell me about something she had pointed out to him, and he had grumbled and said “my mum says the same thing”. She is pleased that we think alike. I told her that I am doing tough love at the moment, about his socks and she laughed and said “yes, he told me this morning!”. She had no idea though, that people had let him run around without shoes, outside!

Well, tough love? Yesterday I bought him summer shorts, a shirt for the school-year-ending-ceremony, a hoodie sweatshirt and today summer sneakers. Green ones! He was ecstatic! And we bought red shoe strings, since he dropped them otherwise. But I will not forget about the socks.


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