“Fix my room!”

For months, before Johannes move, we discussed who would get his room. Who needed it most? What could we do to get the grease spot off the wall? I decided unanimously that “Kitty” who has ADHD needed it most. He could no longer share room with dictatorial Daniel, who demanded a spotless room with no toys out for a minute longer than the play had taken. He could not fall asleep with a light in his face but Daniel needed to study of course… The battles were too many for comfort. And “Kitty” needed a room to retire too when things get too heated, when he can not control himself and needs to go somewhere to calm down. And he needed a place where he can have order, a place for HIS things, where noone touches them.

For years we have watched the children’s interior decorating program on TV, called “Fix the room”. We have seen soooooo many fun ideas through the years and every program shown, have had all my children glued to the television. Afterwards they have all said “can we not write her and have her come here and fix our rooms?”. I’ve tried to tell them that half the Swedish population probably wants her to come and fix their rooms. Besides, I wouldn’t want TV clomping around in our house. And some of her ideas are, well, wild and not practical in the long run. She never seems to understand that a child’s room can not just be for play but must also house it’s clothes.

So, Johannes moved out and some weeks went by when T. thought we should check prices on paint and think about it. I lost patience. “Kitty” wanted to move in. And I would not have him move in till the room was fixed, since it is more difficult to move someone out than in. Now the room was empty with just furniture… So, when T. was at work, Daniel and I started to disassemble the loft bed in his room and then move some furniture in to his room while “Cookie” dragged the rest, all by herself, in to the upstairs lavatory. Next thing I took my husband to the paint shop. He thought we were still going to “think” so I told him to go think by the wallpapers and then I discussed with the girl working there, my colour scheme ideas and how much we would need. T. came back and said “not two colours, not blue” and I told him to go away since he is so narrow-minded, and can’t “see” things, and what it will look like. He was embarrassing! I paid for the paint and he was all in shock, since he thought we were just going to go and look. Then he wanted to wait… Well, I had had Daniel put up tape all over to cover ceiling and borders, and “Cookie” had collected newspapers for weeks, so she had put them all over the floor. When I got home, I jumped in to dungarees and we started painting. Daniel top border edges, “Cookie”, “Kitty” and “Boo” all having a go with the roller, and me doing the edges that I could reach. “Boo” leaned against the painted wall so he got banned from more painting. It ended up me painting when everybody were in school, since there was so much fighting about who was going to get to use the roller. It went so much quicker when I did it on my own. And “Kitty” could move in sooner.

I let “Cookie” paint the chair, telling her what colours to go where. T. would have screamed had he seen it beforehand. He highly objected to “Dollie” painting the new bed stand on my orders. I don’t know what the man have against paint? The idea was for “Kitty” to start a new life, in a new room, an exciting room made just for him, a child room. To make it possible for him to keep order, I bought a certain book case at IKEA, that has 4 squares that you can put storage toy boxes in. He also got a blue box on wheels. To dampen the noise, I settled on a blue carpet, so it will not sound like bombs below. I found the perfect duvet cover as can be seen. The only mismatched thing was the funny green lamp by the bed. It is child proof so you don’t burn yourself on it when it has been on for a while. (Both “Kitty” and “Boo” has had burn accidents and I did not want “Sparky” to be added to the list.) I wanted him to have a lamp by his bed or he would keep the ceiling light on all night, and not go to bed. T.’s contribution was a dark curtain that supposedly is going to take out most light in the summer evenings. What did the husband think when I showed him my work? He was so impressed by the colours, that he wanted the room to himself. I must say that I would like to have it as well. Now ALL the children want their rooms re-painted. But as much as paint cost, it will be a while till I can afford paint for another room. And the work! After I was done, I got a 5 day migraine. Hmmmm!


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