Where did my meditation time go?

Friday morning and once again stress. The pre-school picnics create chaotic Friday mornings. But today I really felt like I had everything under control. A miracle happened, because when I got up, “Kitty” was sitting dressed by the table, eating breakfast that he had fixed for himself. He proudly announced that he had given himself his Omega 3 tablets, so all I had to do, was get his fruit out, to pack for fruit break at school, and then start concentrating on his younger brothers’ picnic meal. “Boo” was not content with just a pear and alphabet biscuits, so I had to thaw round bread cakes for him as well, while I doubt that his baby brother will even eat his pear. “Sparky” eating porridge every morning, and getting too full to eat anything at the picnic, that takes place between 9:00 and 11:00. I was making good time, got them both dressed and dashed in to the shower. Since I felt I had plenty of time for once, I decided to go for the BIG shave! Both legs and armpits!!! Which means that I at the end of the shower have no hot water, but I felt it would be worth it. Especially since they discussed hairy armpits on the program “After 10” yesterday. At the Song contest last Saturday, some woman had been filmed with unshaven armpits, and I guess the newspapers have been full of the “scandal”. Interesting subject to have as headlines, when a whole busload of 12 year old children died in Switzerland during the week. When children are forced in to the military in Africa. When a military airplane has crashed in the Swedish mountains and can not be found. When a US soldier has slaughtered 16 people without cause in Afghanistan. Who decided anyway, that women HAVE to shave under their arms and their legs?

So, there I stand and shave, because I like the feel of smooth legs and armpits, when suddenly “Boo” opens the door screaming that “Sparky” is sitting eating up “Boo’s” alphabet biscuits! So much for my meditation time. I almost carve off all my skin at the same time as I am screaming that he has to grab the container away from “Sparky” and put it back in his bag-pack and zip it up properly. I have no idea what is going on so I try to get contact with “Boo” while standing in colder and colder water, trying to finish the job, and screaming that somebody needs to close the lavatory door since I am freezing to death with it open. I am sooooooooo much looking forward to my nail appointment tomorrow. An entire hour of just pure relaxation. No children to guard, no children to arbitrate between, just sit and get pampered.


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