I am sitting here tired, nauseous and looking at everything I ought to do. Half the sitting room is full of laundry that need to be sorted. But only “Kitty” has brought his bag. I hate having piles of laundry that is an open invitation for “Sparky” to jump in when he gets home in an hour and a half. And for me to sort piles and then run around like a squirrel and take them to their different locations, well I am not keen on that idea at all.

I found a photo of “Kitty” which reminded me that I need to make a program to be printed, for his baptism on Saturday. But when I thought of booting up the big computer and sit and fight with that till it’s time to fetch “Sparky”, then I just put the photo beside the computer and abandoned the idea for now. I feel so stressed out about this baptism that should have taken place already in December! He’s had to wait so long and has probably given up. I just haven’t been able to figure out how to get the family together in one spot. Now we settled for Saturday which is not the best of days since lots of people are in meetings that day, in the stake. But we can not wait any longer for his sake. He wants to do this so it’s not fair to post-pone over and over again.

Why do I get so stressed out about it though??? I don’t know, but it’s a big event, so I can’t sleep properly at night. Which leaves me exhausted in the day. The baptism clothes need to be ironed and Thane that tried them on “Kitty”, said they were too long, so I need to do some stitching. And the program needs to be printed out. I need to find nice clothes for everyone. “Cookie” needs to practice two songs that I want her to sing solo. “Dollie” needs to be persuaded to sing with her sister in one of them. Otherwise “Dollie” will be jealous that she only got to say prayer… And what if Johannes forgets to turn on the water in the chapel so that when we show up on Saturday, there is no water in the font? It takes hours for it to fill up. And what if Terez, that is supposed to play the piano forgets to come? Or Nathalie that is supposed to give a talk? Or the person from the bishopric that is supposed to come, forgets? I think I will get an ulcer over this. Deep breaths!

Yes, I do realize that I am a terrible control freak. But this must become perfect. I don’t want “Kitty” to become disappointed. He has ADHD and not being able to handle disappointment is one of his problems. It becomes a major catastrophe on the same lever as the end of the world. Just remembered that I must prepare the Bible I bought for him Monday evening, as well. I wanted to write something nice in it. But my mind is a blank right now. I just feel panic! No spiritual thoughts at all. And my throat is sooooo sore. I do not have time to get sick now on top of everything else.



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  1. I’m afraid I was right in worrying but more about that later… I will try to blog about it in a little while but to answer your question: It was only “Kitty” getting baptized today. Normally one tries to do it as close to the 8th Birthday as possible since we believe that this is the age of accountability. If the child is born in a Latter Day-Saint family, the child has been taught from early years and is ready to take the step. In other cases, the missionaries will be brought in to teach the child to make sure the child understands what it is all about. But thanks to me being such a worry-wart and foreseeing future problems, I dread the 8th Birthday with a vehemence. That is why two months have passed since his Birthday and nothing has come about. I just wasn’t up to all the worrying and all the planning. But it felt like I had a mountain on my shoulders. I knew I was doing wrong and needed to get the ball rolling. Usually this is all planned by the spouse but… Oh well!

  2. It sounds like a very exciting day and a special occassion, indeed. Do the children get baptized at a certain age? Will he be the only child getting baptized at that time? You do over worry, just a tad. 🙂 I am sure it will all be quite wonderful.