Is this what we are paying for?????

All the  Royals of Europe have been showing photos like this when a new baby has been added to the family. In Norway, in Denmark (as shown above where both Princess Mary and Princess Marie, have carried out four and two children from the hospital to meet the press and therefore the people), in Belgium, in Britain, in Holland, the list could go on, they have understood the interest of the people, to see the new little one. It doesn’t cost them anything. It’s just common politeness.

And this is how the Crown Princess of Sweden does it! Is anyone impressed by this? Could that girl for once think about someone else than herself? Would it have been too much to lift the baby out of the car seat and carry her lovingly out of the hospital so the newspapers could have got a first photo? Press have commented on her mini dresses and high heels, worn during the pregnancy but at least here she was wearing sensible shoes so she would not have risked dropping the baby!

Or is it time for Skåne to go back to being Danish? We like their style better of doing things!


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