Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary

Sweden has a new Princess! We all awaited the magical moment when our joke of a King was going to announce his new granddaughter’s name. All experts said that Crown Princess Victoria had to keep with tradition and choose a name that is Royal since after all, this child will be Queen one day. Well, they did not count on that our Crown Princess has a screw loose. Like my Daniel said: If they want to be like everybody else, why don’t they quit the title? Well, I said, they want to be ordinary people but with luxury holidays, diplomatic immunity, diamonds, evening gowns by designers, sports cars…

People in the TV studio talked about THE NAME SHOCK being tomorrow’s headlines. One wonderful journalist that is a vehement democrat and anti-royalist, said what is this mass psychosis that Sweden is in? Why have I been invited to this program, it just shows how insane this all is. And I am sitting beside an astrologer, how crazy is that? Well said, said I, since I was waiting for another TV program and was forced to sit and watch all this nonsense! No, Sweden can never have a mass psychosis. It’s not in our nature! We do not go potty like the British over our Royalty, nor are we like the Danes that go all out with their beloved Royals as well. But this pathetic way of dealing with this birth, is embarrassing to say the least.

When Victoria was interviewed years and years ago and asked if she kept a diary like her predecessors, and she answered “no because my life is noone else’s business”, then I felt that I wanted a republic. IF a person that lives off my tax money says that her life is noone else’s business, then she has failed to understand WHO she is and WHAT she is supposed to be. She was born to be a historical figure whether she wants to shop in the local supermarket and name her child a ridiculous name like Estelle or not. She should have kept with tradition. And the name! So close to the crisps and peanut ring company! And then I am being kind. I could mention that ghastly girl “Estella” in Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations”. And the King couldn’t even pronounce the name and said Istelle! All journalists looked like question marks and then declared that it must be a mistake. It was.

They might be a modern couple but to choose the name  Ewa to honour Daniel’s mother? Sorry! But she is no royal and the name has not been used by aristocracy nor by royalty so it feels too common on a Princess. The only tolerable name was Mary and may she become Mary I of Sweden or may we have a republic please. There has been too many scandals in that family. A Crown Princess that marries her personal trainer that for years didn’t even know how to speak English but had to be put to school to fit the role. Her brother’s girlfriend having a gigantic  tattoo. Her sister  living jetset life in NY instead of appearing at any functions in Sweden. The Queen’s dad was a nazi that received a Jew’s business as a reward and the Queen doing everything to deny this, trying to have it covered up. And last of all, the King using prostitutes! Henry VIII seems like a saint in comparison!!


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