Look what I just ordered from The Book Depository! They are doing this deal of the hour thing again which means one book is presented every hour. It’s been the strangest thing every hour since yesterday 13:00, but this hour it was something I thought looked funny. I’ve never eaten these at all but I can see the children shouting for joy! I wasn’t the only one that went for it. After 9 minutes all the available 500 copies were gone! When I hit the buy button 187 remained and when I had completed my order, 9 remained. And only 9 minutes had elapsed since it came up and I went to Amazon to look at what sort of a book it was because the Book Depository do not describe their books well nor do they let you look in them like Amazon. They have no reviews either come to think of it, which is a nuisance. I rely heavily on reviews! That is why I am an avid review writer as well.

The thought of baking makes me feel warm. It’s -13 degrees Celsius outside so today’s pre-school picnic will be conducted indoors. At least the eating part of it which was nice to hear. I would not want to be out for anything today if I was a child!

Last night’s “Broadway- A dream comes true” was really nice. It lasted only an hour and our teenager was in the first Grease number with three other girls playing girls and three poor girls having to play the boys. They sang summer night… And then little “Cookie” came on stage, all alone and sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and I could hardly keep my tears away. Tried to film it with our camera but turned the camera sideways so not only will sound of course be awful but one has to watch it on the computer sideways! When will I learn? She really has a clean, clear angelic voice! The song was perfect for her. She also sang with two other girls in “The Lion King” playing “Simba” and singing that she was becoming the king. Wearing lion slippers that I guess someone loaned her and “Kitty’s” yellow jeans… That is how skinny the girl is. She can wear her three year younger brother’s trousers! And then she was “Mowgli” in “The Jungle Book” with the same two girls. Our teenager was “Maria” in Sound of Music singing with the children “My favourite things” and “Cookie” was one of the children. And then they were both in two numbers from “Mamma Mia”. “Cookie” was smiling since one of the teachers that has taught them, was wearing a blue wig strutting around up above us, to make them all smile, since she felt they were too serious looking. Angry teenager gave “Cookie” a dirty look and started to shove her on stage. Luckily “Cookie” ignored it! But I felt upset!!! I know that our teenager always wants to be the star but the star last night was the girl that sang the best, that hit every note perfectly, and that I am afraid was her little sister. “Dollie” is the Drama Queen but the one with the VOICE is “Cookie”!


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