The Iron Lady!

The ice was thick on the car this morning and I could not open the door on the driver’s side so I had to get in via the side door on our “bus”. I guess we will have snow chaos tomorrow when poor “Sparky” and “Boo” are walking out on picnic with pre-school. Maybe I need to stop at a shop this evening and buy them wool socks? They just said on the news that if one does not have to go out tomorrow, one ought to stay indoors. Hm!

This evening me and the three amigos will head to the school to see “Cookie” and “Dollie” in the school musical. I can’t remember if it is called Broadway or what but they will have all sort of songs from different musicals. “Cookie” is supposed to sing “Over the Rainbow” but we had no dress that looks like Dorothy’s. I only found out about the thing a week ago. Rather short notice I think to scrounge up something.

I am having the news channel on and they have just showed clips from this film that has just gone up in the cinemas. I really would love to go see it or rather see it on DVD. I have too much social phobia to go to the cinema nowadays. But it really seems like an excellent film. The reviewers gave the film three stars but Meryl Streep’s performance five stars. They were talking about an Oscar for it. From what I saw in the clips, she deserves it! Will I get to see it? Who knows? I still have not got to see “The King’s Speech” that I really, really wanted to see too. BUT I did get to see “The Queen” finally, so there is still hope. That film was SO good and the actress WAS the Queen! Creepy! The reviewers said that it is weird that they made the film “The Iron Lady” while Margaret Thatcher is still alive but I guess she is so far in to senility that she doesn’t understand a thing. According to them she lives in a home. Think to have been sooooo powerful, soooo tough, and then have your brain die on you so you basically become like a child again. Life is cruel!!!! Why can people not get a dignified end?



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