Today “Sparky” has learned one of life’s tough lessons: When you drop a banana on the floor, it breaks. He became so devastated that he was shedding more tears than a shower and desperately tried to put the two pieces together to one fruit again. When he failed to succeed, he gave them to me with trusting eyes and thought I could fix it. After all, I am mamma and can fix everything,right!? I had to hand them back to him, shake my head and inform him that he had to eat them the way they were. He threw them on the floor, in one direction, and then he threw himself in the other direction curling up in fetal position and crying his heart out.

Bananas have become the most popular thing in this household after we watched “Despicable Me” on “Cookie’s” Birthday. I had never heard of the film before but thought the storyline sounded cute. It was a really nice film and in the bonus material there are three little films with the minions as stars. What is a minion? What you see to the right! The children love these little films and especially the one called “Banana”. It is hilarious and the best part is when one of them scream it in a mega voice that has gone through some sort of machine so it comes out deep, dark and in slow motion. That is how  certain members of our household now say the name of the fruit and “sparky” says it the way the other minions say it, but now and then he goes in to the dark slow motion voice as well and we all laugh because it sounds so funny from someone so young and tiny.

The sad part is that as much as he LOVES bananas, he should really not eat them at all since his stomach does not at all agree with them. So I get upset when T. buys them home to make “Sparky” happy because I am the one that has to change the awful nappies the next day, and there are always a whole lot of them, post-banana-days. And nappies are not always made to hold the banana effect!



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  1. Millie

    It is! My favourite part is when Gru has asked his “Q”, inventor friend, for robot cookies and instead he has this disco dancing thingies. And Gru says “why are you soooo old!?”. The dancing thingies were funny! Where is his sense of humour? Sparky goes up dancing with them every time!!!! And the old man is so pleased with them! He’s cute! My other favourite is when that old man says they have to hurry and then you see him slowly, slowly moving in his wheelchair! Yeah, hurry right?! I guess he felt he was moving fast??? “Kitty” laughs so hard at that part every time.