Why are toys collectors’ items?

I haven’t taken any time to blog now for a while. Have done my best to finish all the Katitzi books among other things. We finished the 9th book Tuesday, me and the children and that is how far I intend to read loud to them from that series. I let “Cookie” read the next one by herself but beyond that, she is not allowed to go. All day yesterday, I sat and updated my Shelfari shelf and wrote I don’t know how many reviews. It took hours and hours. And still there are some books that don’t have any reviews yet! 😦

I have also been busy trying to buy Christmas presents on ebay and Swedish ebay. How frustrating it is. I do not even know why I bother with auctions! “Cookie” is in to this smurf phase now but am I able to win a single smurf on Swedish ebay that is called Tradera? No! These little plastic toys are fetching an arm and a leg and how insane is that really? A company creates toys for children and then stupid adults start to collect them so you no longer can afford to buy them as toys for your children. What is it with people? Why does everything have to become collectors’ items???? I just want to make my children happy but can’t afford to do so.

As if the smurf situation was not bad enough. “Sparky” has discovered “Cars”. We showed the toon version where “Mater” brags about all sorts of things and all the three little boys loves it. Then I found our film “Cars” and showed it to “Sparky” and “Boo” and they are smitten. Especially “Sparky”. He has found “Kitty’s” old cars: Lightning McQueen, Sally, Doc Hudson and Sarge. And “Boo’s” tractor. Since he was in a throwing mood last summer, he threw the sheriff (“Boo’s”) outside our garden fence and the council that mowed the lawn out there that day, cut the poor car up to pieces. I almost cried since I had won that on an auction on ebay a couple of years ago.

Anyway, two weeks ago I found someone that sold the sheriff and Red, the cute fire engine, and I bought them for “Sparky” for Christmas. I started telling T. about it Saturday when I showed what had arrived with the post Friday. Then the girls started talking about cars and who is their favourite and “Boo” comes and says “I want Red for Christmas”. Oh no, was my thought. I could have bought two from the seller!!! So on to ebay Monday morning to buy another Red and I also found a little metal Guido and metal Luigi for “Sparky”. They need to be metal since he gets in to throwing moods. Is he planning on becoming a pitcher for a baseball team, I wonder? Anyway, I also found “Ramone” in red for him. When I have finally got things ordered, THEN “Boo” comes and says that he would love to have a red Ramone. What have I done to deserve this? The seller had by then gone on holiday till the end of January so that was not an option. So I tried auctions. But did not win of course. I tried to win a red Ramone, then a purple one. Excuse me but these are tiny little metal cars! Not Kooh-i-Noor or the Hope Diamond! I am getting so tired of greedy people on ebay and people that chase up the price. These are NOT collectors’ items! Disney made the films for CHILDREN and the TOYS for children! Not so grown ups will put them in a glass cabinet and just walk by and glance at them now and then! How insane is it to ask 20-30 dollars for a little metal car? I get so mad I could scream. Now I have had to buy cars for “Boo” from Hong Kong and Australia since they were the only ones that sold for an acceptable price and who knows if they will show up for Christmas or not? My boys want to drive them on the sofa table when watching the films, drive them on the counter when I am cooking and drive them on their dinner plates when dinner is boring. They will not look pretty but the boys will have fun with them as was intended when they were created. Let the toys stay in the children’s world were they are supposed to be! Please!


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