Why did I read my e-mail?

I always get e-mails from LDS-living and for once I opened it and read it. Two LDS missionaries were killed in a hit-and-run accident in Texas! Here is the article.


What really got me crying this morning was looking at the two photos of the boys! Two wholesome boys gone! I thought about the dreams they must have had for the future. One being 21 means that he was soon on his way home, probably to a pretty girl that had been waiting for him for 2 years. And the other boy, that really looked like a boy, must not have had too much left on his mission, being 20. They interrupted their university studies, relationships, and went out to serve the Lord, never to go back to their previous lives! What an awful thing for the parents to find out!

I could see my own Johannes who has only been home 7 months himself. He and his companions were always on bicycles and the poor American missionaries were never used to bicycles. They hardly knew how to bike. From all his letters I know how these boys are just boys. Clown around, joke, have fun before they have to get all serious again when they present the gospel to people. They are only humans after all. I can see the three in the accident, happily talking away, bicycling to their next appointment, and then wham! Johannes was so lucky! So many times he had accidents with his bike. If he didn’t go flying through the air thanks to some big rock or something, then he was almost hit by cars. One car tried to drive him and his companion down on purpose! The Mission president had phoned them that morning telling them that he had woken up and felt that he needed to say an extra prayer for the two of them and he phoned them to say so. Later on that day, they were close to death but the driver changed his mind last second. I just say a weeping silent prayer for these two boys that have been sent home to continue their mission with our Heavenly Father. Such sweet looking boys!


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