Post-Halloween thoughts

We had a fun Halloween! “Dollie” carved the big pumpkin that T. had brought home. I don’t know why he insists on doing this and then just dump the task on me to get it carved etc. I am not American, it’s not my holiday and it is sticky and ill smelling to deal with the gross pumpkin. Not only that, this one was in a foul state according to “Dollie”. I told her that she had to be play leader in the kitchen with the pumpkin since I really did not feel up to it. They carved it looking like “Mater” from “Cars” and duck taped the back of it where I guess it had a big mould hole. “Cookie” had her best friend here and when the sun set, a witch, a doll, two sizes of Spidermen, one little Captain Jack Sparrow and one teenage gnome headed out on their candy raid. They were gone for hours so we got worried here at home about the little ones getting pneumonia or something. T. started to phone the gnome every ten minutes after they had been out for an hour and a half! When they finally rang our door bell, they showed why they had been away so long. Their buckets were overfull with candy, cookies and MONEY! I don’t think that “Cookie’s” best friend has ever experienced anything like it since she lives out in a farm house and they  just drive around to a couple of farms, around their home, where it’s been prepared for “trick or treating”.

We actually had seven groups coming this year, ringing our door bell which was fun. If one is in to Halloween which I am not but the children find it so much fun so… The sad part was the two Moslem girls that came the next day and did not say anything at the door, only seeing it as a way of getting candy I guess. If you can’t get the day straight why celebrate this American holiday at all??? I am sorry but I will not accept trick or treaters every day for an entire week! It’s one day or not at all. It’s not a holiday that you can celebrate whenever YOU feel like it! People are not going to have anything to give you AND they will get irritated with you.

Now I am starting to look towards Christmas. “Cookie” is going for a sleep over to said friend and while I am up there, I thought I might as well drive to the shop that sells scrapbooking things and get some things for making Christmas cards. “Cookie” asked me in surprise “is it time to start making those already?”. Well, not really in one way, on the other hand, if one waits till December, then at least I am too stressed out to sit down and make them! I ought to have made them in July really! I have also ordered a funny book that I saw over priced in the book club magazine and found cheaper on the internet. A new idea from Norway I think? Not the internet but the knitted Christmas balls that is.

I showed the book to Daniel and asked him what he thought. Well, what am I suppose to do when there is noone else around to ask? He gave me a blank look and asked me in return: “And when are you going to have time to make those?”. Good question! I did not answer him that though since I feel so in to Christmas right now. Instead my answer was “well, I can sit and knit in the car when I wait for the others to get out of school!”. I mean, how long can it really take to knit one of these pretty balls? When T. saw the book, ( I did show it to him a couple of weeks ago and today was the last day to cancel the month book from the book club and maybe order something else or nothing.) he immediately got impressed. Optimist thinks that I have all the time in the world. Completely unrealistic in other words. Anyway, he really liked the idea of the knitted balls since “they can’t break!”. I of course like them because they look so cozy but he has a point. Especially after “Sparky” pulled the tree down a number of times last year and broke more than one ornament.Wish me good luck! If those two Norwegian geeks, (sorry gentlemen but you do not look like Vin Diesel, do you?!) can produce these, why shouldn’t I, or?


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