A Smurfy Birthday!

Excuse for the long silence but my computer has had serious problems and I wonder if part of it is due to the fact that it is no longer under warranty. Time to die on me in other words!

Today I am sitting her feeling FAT! After celebrating  “Kitty’s” Birthday or rather his name day Tuesday and then “Cookie’s” Birthday yesterday, I have eaten way too much fat and sugar to last me for a life time. I feel positively gross! But we have had two fun days. Especially yesterday since I really made “Cookie’s” day! She had wished for a lot of Smurfs. According to Schleich’s catalogue, these little blue gnomes with white caps, have been around since 1960! But I never noticed them until the 1970s when my sister had a little collection. I always thought they were cute and wondered if any of my children would want the. Or rather play with them. Every parent’s nightmare who haven’t got too much money to spoil with, is after all that one will buy something that will not be played with but only collect dust. I have pointed out the smurfs to all of them through the years except not “Cookie” so it was with great surprise that she started talking about them during the summer and fetched a catalogue for herself in the local toy shop. And then we heard of the film that will go up in the cinemas. I decided that it could be a fun Birthday gift to give a couple of these little smurfs for her. But her greatest desire was for the BIG smurf house! And that was out of the question. Actually, no toy shops have taken that in to their stock either.

Then a plan started to form in my brain. IF she helped out with saved money, and I gave her part of the money needed for the purchase, perhaps it would be a possibility? I went ahead and ordered it from an internet shop:

Yesterday I put the money in an envelope, packed the envelope in a big cake box that “Kitty’s” cake came in, and wrapped it all up. She opened the other gifts first and was happier than happy with them. Then came the big box. When she finally came to the envelope she was like a question mark. And the following conversation took place: “Money?” -Yes, I thought you might want to buy the smurfhouse? “Oh yes! Can we buy it today?” -Sure! “Today, when it is Sabbath Day?” (We are not allowed to shop in Sundays) “Yes, just give me the money!”. She was super quick giving me the ones back that she had received in the box and then the remaining ones for the house, from her wallet.  She didn’t understand anything but played with her smurfs and lego people, waiting to go to Church after a couple of hours. Well, I popped down stairs, got the big box from my closet, with the house inside it, and ran up the stairs and dropped it in her lap. “What, you already have the house here at home?” “Of course! I knew how much you wanted it”. “Kitty” eagerly helped her get the box open and lift out the house box and Johannes that was watching, helped her put it all together. It really was so fun to see! It is such a cute house. I must admit that I wished that I was a little girl again too.

Here is the gang that will share their new abode:

“Sparky” loved this one since it is after all a CAR!




This was number four on her wish list! Perhaps not my favourite but she loves it???





This little one was number two on the wish list. For weeks I have tried to get hold of number one on her wish list, here in our village toy shop since they sell them cheaper than anywhere else and because I can never go shopping elsewhere with no baby-sitting available. All week, last week, I was in and out of there trying to see if they could bring one from their newly opened shop in another part of Skåne. They brought this one which was great but number one that she really, really wanted badly, did not arrive.

Then T. goes in to the shop to ask for it Saturday, last chance. No luck. Since he has no memory he went to the supermarket four times Saturday for things he had forgot to buy. And during one of those trips, he ran in to Alison, an American lady, working at that little toy shop, some days of the week. And SHE hands him THE DESIRED ONE!!! He came home and said “You will not believe this, but look what that nice Alison did!!!”. She lives in Lund, had seen it there and knew how much trouble we had gone through to try to get “Cookie” this smurf for her Birthday. Sometimes I start believing in the human race again!! I always talk to Alison in English and we have come to chat about lots of things since she and her husband was looking at buying the house next to ours and since we both have Raynaud’s. We are both fighting the cold in the winter and trying to keep our poor fingers and toes WARM! I just can not believe her kindness though so both “Cookie” and I need to go in and thank her for the smurf, next time she works!!! They are not buying the house next door since her husband wants a house closer to Lund/work and I feel bad about it since I would have loved to have had her as a neighbour. Her daughter could have played with “Sparky”. They are the same age. Oh well…

For Christmas I will try to get “Cookie” number three on her wish list:

She says she wants to play that they are making a film together. This is the sound technician so I guess he is needed. Wish me good luck in my endeavors of finding him!!!



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