“Kitty’s” had 2 good days!

After the terrible previous post, I must add a positive one. Yesterday and this morning my precious boy sat down by the kitchen table and ate his breakfast without having to be reminded every other minute to eat. He got dressed without being told to do so. Fetched socks in the drier without a fit and finally called me from the hallway, “Mamma I am ready!”. That meant being ready 15 minutes before his sisters and really being ready, bag pack on his back, jacket on and shoes on as well. Instead I had to nag on his sisters and constantly calling out to him in the hallway “what a good boy you are that are waiting so patiently!”. He was happy and proud of himself!

I have not had any report from his teacher this week, yet, of him having behaved poorly. Noone has told me that he has screamed, refused to go inside, nor that he has hit anyone. The relief can not be overstated! And yesterday a small miracle happened when I came to fetch him. Normally he screams and refuses to go home. Runs to hide or just avoids looking at me and the after school leaders. But yesterday, he was sitting drawing with other children, by the table in the school yard, and when I came he did not scream. He happily showed me a cut out of a film that he wants to see on his name day when we celebrate his Birthday. And he came along like a lamb without protestations! His ears were freezing cold and he was not wearing a jacket like all the others. But the smallest victories means so much to me and I hope that when it gets even colder, that he will put on his jacket, that he will notice the cold and know and understand that he must  remedy the problem.

I ought to continue reading the ADHD book I borrowed from the library. Can’t make up my mind whether I should buy it or not. It’s called ADHD: Living without breaks. It has been translated in to Swedish so that is what I am reading it in. I have learned that I need to use the Swedish terminology for things when dealing with people and the school so I need to have read everything in our language. But even though it is translated, it does not meant that it necessary fit in to our culture. The last book I read, was so completely geared for the US market that it did not work to use it here. I still can not determine if this one will be helpful or not. It is so heavy to read these things that it takes time. Your emotions are so in to it and you are so close to despair and tears, that you can only read a little at a time.  But I really must make a better effort. The library will want it back soon if nothing else.


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  1. wendy

    Please keep up the good work. It took many years before my D got the proper diagnosis. so there is always hope 🙂 and now the good news is after 3 weeks of college/university he still loves it… he has “old” people..ya know 40 yr olds 🙂 asking him for help in his CAD classes