Happy Smiles!

I was successful last night in my shopping endeavors! Not only did I find a little computer bag for Daniel to carry his school laptop in (They get to borrow one from the school for the three years they attend!) , I also found him a pair of camouflage trousers, and I to my surprise I came to discover and learn that Eminem is not a group but one person!!! I can not believe it but I actually found a poster. So he almost received everything on his wish list plus the book on the Third Reich that I had previously bought.

But what I was most pleased with last night, was the purchase above! I found this adorable dress for “Cookie” and a matching long sleeved T-shirt for “Sparky”. I don’t know why I loved it so much but all of Sweden have fallen for the T-shirt so it is sold out in their web shop (Polarn’ & Pyret) and in ALL shops. They had the dresses since I guess some parents do not think this girly enough. But the T-shirts were all out. I happened to ask and the saleswoman reluctantly told me that I could have the one that she was keeping in the back to give to her grandson. I felt like a right heel for depriving her little grandson of it but I so coveted it for my little sweet angel that LOVES cars and she did assure me that she had just bought the grandson an expensive snowsuit so she had no right to spend more money.

To conclude: Daniel’s eyes went bigger and bigger, happier and happier as he unwrapped his gifts. He was mighty pleased with everything and could not believe the trousers since he had shouted out the door as I left, “if you by chance find a pair of army trousers, please…” I honestly didn’t think I would, and they were the only pair his size. Feeling pretty happy today! Needed to get out of the house I guess. Two hours away from home really can revive one’s spirit!


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