Woke at 4:00!

“Sparky” is having energy for two and I feel sorry for him that he has to sit here with a mum that is exhausted. Back to waking up at 4:00 and not being able to go back to sleep. Tossing and turning in bed for hours and then hearing around 6:00, that both the little ones are awake and trying out their feet’s strength on the wall in  their room. Impossible to fall asleep then with only 30 minutes before the alarm clock goes off. But what happens? I get drowsy 6:25. Not good!

I ought to read and finish Stephen Fry’s “Moab is my Washpot”. It really is a funny book at times but I can’t really get in to it the way I should to say that it is a good book. It does not hold my attention. Maybe because of the underlying homosexuality? Or perhaps it is the fact that he does not stick to one subject at a time but jumps off on tangents the entire time which makes it difficult to follow if you take a break in the book. And it makes it more difficult to get back to as well. It is in a way like being in one of his sketches but then not really. Hmmmm! And I who have ordered the second part to it as well. Might have been a big mistake. Anyway, I am too sleepy to read or do anything worth calling a chore that needs to be done.

This evening I must head out to buy our soon to be 17-year-old a Birthday gift. I have already bought him two books. I don’t think he is too excited about it! Not that he knows that I what I have bought but when I told him that I had already bought two things so that he could not hand in a gigantic wish list with expensive things, he got a strange look in his face.  I bought the books weeks ago while his wish list was just presented to me three days ago. I have told him that I do not like to receive wish lists late since I do not like to go shopping late or do panic shopping to have something to give people. Well, what did he wish for? A cover for the school computer. 100 kronor that I know will go towards a computer game if he receives it. And an Eminem poster. What faith he always has in his mother! How am I supposed to know where one buys an Eminem poster? I don’t even know what they look like even though I have bought their CDs from secondary sellers and from ebay, for years. Cleaned up versions, difficult to find as they are, but always at the top of his wish lists and lists always handed too me at the last minute. But believe or not, I have never even looked at the covers to see what the group’s members look like, let alone, ever listened to a single of the CDs. Looks like I will not have a too fun evening and then when I get home, I have to stand in the kitchen and make the homemade ice cream cake. He finally decided on that yesterday as an afterthought. THANKS!

“Boo” is all excited about his brother’s Birthday! Noone loves a Birthday like him. He even picked an outfit to wear a week ago and has reminded me every day not to send him to pre-school in that, since he is SAVING it for the Birthday celebration tomorrow.  He is so cute! It has “Buzz Lightyear” on it and we just got it back out for the winter. Last week I finally had to accept that summer is over and that at least shorts have to be put away. I think about little school boys in Britain going off to school all year with shorts as their uniform. But here you really can not send your child to school or pre-school in shorts once the weather has started to change and the temperatures drop. Even though the children want to. It would be called child abuse. Interesting what is counted as right and wrong in different countries.




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  1. He is a good boy and only listens to the cleaned up versions. Believe it or not but there are cleaned up versions of all the records by Eminem but you of course have to pay much more for those and they are so rare, you have to buy them used from secondary sellers or on ebay. He has actually also started to censure edit them himself. Being very good at it too I hear from trustworthy sources!
    Myself, well I can not stand rap at all. Although when “Boo” does beatbox, taught by Daniel (he has given his permission now to use his real name), I must laugh. He does it with a gigantic smile, being so proud of himself. And often under supervision of his older brother. Called male bonding I guess!!!

  2. w.c.

    eminem eh? i think child # 1 has one of his cd’s but no posters she says he is a good rapper…but it is all noise with cursing to me.
    summer is over here also and i miss the sunshine already