Hooray for weekend?

I was looking forward to today, all week! My plans were to perhaps head south to Malmö. When I went to Copenhagen two weeks ago, I dragged my husband in to Illum to look at the Pandora department there and to look at this beautiful pink opal ring I had seen  back in November (he had told me to get myself an anniversary gift that day but how fun is it to pick one all on one’s own?). We had researched thoroughly beforehand wether it is bad luck to wear opals or not. The conclusion was that throughout history it has really meant good luck no matter what my mum has always said about it. When we arrived at the shop, the inevatable happened that always happen to me: The beuatiful pink one was sold. Yes, they had a new stock in but the pink in these stones was so soft that it was really white and not attractive at all. But we saw a pamphlet of an adorable ring coming up for Valentine’s with a pink heart. I definately wanted to see it but it had not arrived yet. It must have arrived by now but no way  will I head all the way to Copenhagen to see it when Pandora can be seen closer to home. And I wanted to see it before gold prices go up 1 February. Well, Saturday did not become what I expected.  No trip to Malmö to look at a ring or look for black trousers that I am in dire need of. No trip outside the house at all. No making of Valentine’s cards.

“Boo” came home from daycare vomiting yesterday. A couple of hours later when I had got the young ones in to bed and could relax a little while “Boo” rested on a bean bag outside the lavatory, “kitty” started upstairs. In my mind I wondered “can the others escape?” and most of all, can I who can not afford to go down for the count? Mothers can not be sick. They must be on their feet no matter what. At 3:00 “Ducky” came down the stairs only to inform us that he had just vomited. Thank you for that piece of information. He stood in the living room last night informing me that he could not get ill. I told him he should watch out so he did not have to eat up his own words. When decent morning hours finally arrived, two more children were down for the count. I feel like we are in an Agatha Christie novel. “Dolly” is sleeping over at a friend’s house. Question is if she will stay away long enough to escape all this? Surely that family would have phoned if she was ill at their house?

Now the question is, do I start the massive amount of laundry that has accumulated over the night? Or do I start preparing a Sunday school lesson that I might not get to present tomorrow anyway? It is difficult to try to get motivated to do either. Much more fun to try to design a pretty blog site and apprehensively wait to see if I will be spared what my poor children are going through.


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